About Us

"MAXIMA (adj) means the greatest or most complete or best possible. In Latin, it means "miracle worker". In Hebrew, If you break the name down, "Max" means great and "Ima" means embracing everything or Mother Therefore, in Hebrew, Maxima means Great Mother. MAXIM, an established principle or proposition; a condensed proposition of important practical truth; an axiom of practical wisdom. Maxim is innovatively spelt maxEEma, where EE stands for Efficient Enterprise"

maxEEma Biotech take honor in introducing itself as one of the pioneers in industry when it comes to complete range of certified organic/biochemical agro-chemicals with respect to soil and crop care (crop protection and bio-stimulants). We have been working in this area of research since 1997 and now happen to be the Top Indian Organic Crop Care Company with state of art production facility as per GLP/GMP standards. Within a span of couple of years of its establishment maxEEma has to its credit both ISO 9001-2015 (Quality Management System Certification) and ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management System Certification). maxEEma product range possesses Organic Certification as per IFOAM and NPOP standards.

Manufacturers of Pesticides
Supplier of Pesticides

maxEEma has used the miracles of science to introduce a range of innovative organic crop protection and nutrition products using new Green Chemistry based solutions. It offers 360 Degree solution for the pest and nutrition problems of crop, seed & soil to global farming community. maxEEma as on date is truly a better option in the myriad of other companies with highly intellectual knowledge and information base and rich source of purest organic, herbal, pesticides and microbial ingredients. maxEEma enjoys the reputation of being a benchmark setters for other firms in this business domains. On-field Product Performance has enabled maxEEma to stay far ahead of other prominent players in the domain of organic crop care formulations.

At maxEEma, we have effectively integrated a wide spectrum of activities. Our strategy of Isolate & Break has helped us to look deeply into problems faced by the customers and assists them with our R & D based capabilities to overcome major hurdles. maxEEma continues to sharpen their skills to meet the evolving needs of customers and markets.

Exporter of  Pesticides
Supplier of Organic pesticides

Our Mission

We will be Customer focused and committed to R&D driven innovations. We shall attain leadership through excellence in innovation. We will strive for building trusting relationships with all stake-holders like customers, vendors, business associates, employees, channel partners and the community at large by encouraging entrepreneurship and sharing prosperity.

Our human resource will be the most valuable asset in this pursuit of leadership and will be the prime driving force for our growth. We aspire to enrich OUR PEOPLE - OUR DRIVING FORCE, to become highly professional and focused to achieve corporate goals.