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"MAXIMA (adj) means the greatest or most complete or best possible. In Latin, it means "miracle worker". In Hebrew, If you break the name down, "Max" means great and "Ima" means embracing everything or Mother Therefore, in Hebrew, Maxima means Great Mother. MAXIM, an established principle or proposition; a condensed proposition of important practical truth; an axiom of practical wisdom. Maxim is innovatively spelt maxEEma, where EE stands for Efficient Enterprise"

Our vision is to be a leading Company offering Crop Care Products of organic / biochemical origin. Our aim is to be amongst The Most Admired Indian Companies having its global presence. We are responsible to society and all stake-holders. We shall be good corporate citizen and driven by high ethical standards in our business practices.

We shall strive for happier and healthier tomorrow. We shall provide total customer satisfaction and achieve leadership in chosen markets, products and services through dynamism based on superior research and development by maintaining safe and healthy environment. Our aim is to give our customers value for their money with delight. Read More

"Our aim is to build long term relationships through exceeding customer expectations through our core values.”

Organic Products

with the expansion of environmentally and nutritionally awara face the dilemma of choosing between conventional and organic crop protection and fertilization Products. Conventional products (if mismanaged) leave a harmful enviromental footprint and are less nutritionally. They cab create soli salinity and nutrient run-off, reduce biological activity in soil, pollute water resources, lower nutrient values..
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Chemical Products

As A Complete farmer oriented company with a broad portfolio of fungicides, insecticides, herbicides and seed treatments, maxEEma helps farmers to sustainably increase the yields and the quality of their crops. By nurturing a culture of innovation in alignment with customers needs our technologies aim to ensure that crops grow healthier, Stonger and more resistant to stress factors, such as heat or drought.

Our Certificate

Exporter of  Pesticides
Supplier of Agrochemicals
Post emergence Herbicide
Insecticide for White fly
Supplier of Herbicides
Exporter of Bio stimulants
insecticide for sucking pest
Exporter of Bio organic pesticides
Supplier of Water Soluble Fertilizers

Chairman's Message

At maxEEma, we have always believed our success depends upon balancing economic, social and environmental objectives. At maxEEma, we know that our responsibility is to offer products and services that efficiently satisfy growing food, fuel & fodder demands driven by social and economic development, in a safe and sustainable manner.

We want to meet that challenge and we have the capacity and expertise to do so. That is our objective when we improve the efficiency of our products and processes, minimize their environmental impact and position ourselves at the forefront of our industry's technological developments.


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Organic Pesticides


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Why maxEEma is Better Option


Experience of over 20 plus years of usage of maxEEma products across globe proved that “Organic is Costly, Organic is Slow” is a MYTH


All the products are designed to give best performance under various environments. The performance is widely consistent across various crop spectrum, environmental extremes and problems.


We are committed to offer comprehensive details on the product content, application and other relevant information. We honor the rights of the consumers to know what they are using.


The product does not harm the environment. The environment, the soil and the water bodies are all safe and not polluted by any of the products offered through Green Earth. This shall also mean better soil structure, better microorganism development, water body eco-system development etc.


The products are safe to use. Accidental contact with body, small accidental over doses, use of another product due to mistaken identity etc does not harm the crops. Even the range of pest deterrent if used in preventive mode acts as tonic for the plant and does not inhabit any damage.


On a deeper analysis we are committed to offer very high Price-Performance ratio. Some products looks costly on the first look but a cool analysis after calculating the doses, multiple benefits from the product etc. everyone would be easily convinced that Green Earth offers economical solutions