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Plant Growth Regulators (PGR)

Plant growth regulators also known as plant exogenous hormones, are synthetic substances that are similar to natural plant hormones. They are used to regulate the growth of plants and are important measures to ensure agricultural production.

PGR herbicides readily stick to the inside of a sprayer, mainly to plastic and rubber parts, and cannot be effectively rinsed out of a sprayer with only water. The PGR herbicides require a solution of household ammonia and water or a gainful tank cleaner to effectively take away all residues.

EC = Emulsifiable Concentrate || GR = Granular || EW = Oil-in-Water Emulsion || SL = Soluble (Liquid) Concentrate || SP = Sobuble Powder || L = Liquid

1Gibberellic Acid 0.001% LLDISCOUNT
2Ethiphone 39% SLSLETHANE
3Gibberellic Acid 0.186% S.PSPGOLD FINGER 0.186%SP
4Triacontanol based formulation viz. 0.05% ECECWONDERMAX 0.05% EC
5Triacontanol based formulation viz. 0.1% EWEWWONDERMAX 0.1%EW
6Triacontanol based formulation viz. 0.05% GRGRWONDERMAX 0.05%GR