Water Soluble Fertilizers

maxEEma’s broad family of water soluble fertilizers covers the entire range of plant nutrients required for optimal plant nutrition.

Efficient water soluble fertilizers and fertilization methods have become the main answer to the ever-growing demand for agricultural products. Modern agriculture must supply crops with optimal rates of nutrients throughout the growth cycle in the most efficient manner possible, and without degrading soil and water resources. Fertigation and foliar nutrition enable highly efficient use of nutrients.

  • Fully water soluble.
  • Efficiently absorbed by plants.
  • Comprised of 100% plant macronutrients.
  • Virtually free of chloride, sodium and other detrimental elements for plat.
1MAP 12:61:00WARRANTY 12:61:00
2MKP 00:52:34WARRANTY 00:52:34
3NPK 13:00:45WARRANTY 13:00:45
4NPK 13:40:13WARRANTY 13:40:13
5NPK 19:19:19WARRANTY 19:19:19
6SOP 00:00:50WARRANTY 00:00:50
8Potasium ScheoniteWARRANTY PS
7Calcium Nitrate (N: 15.5%, Ca:18.8%) WARRANTY CN